Case Study 1: Increasing export sales for a local winery

“We wanted to reach more b2b customers and Xpann provided my business with all the opportunities for growth I was looking for. I can recommend it to every business owner or manufacturer who’s looking to expand. Also, the platform is very user-friendly, I didn’t need any training, and It has all the important functionalities of a modern B2B platform.” 

-Svetla Ivanova, Founder and Managing Director at Maryan Winery

As a local wine producer, we had already gained success in the Bulgarian Market. However, we were struggling to grow our family-owned venture further, without exporting our brand abroad. We wanted to find an easy and reliable way to establish connections with distribution partners and increase our sales through a larger online presence. With the help of Xpann, we were able to:

Nowadays, it is quite hard for family-owned businesses to expand beyond their local markets. Even if the quality of the brand is well established nationwide, exporting the products abroad can be a rather difficult task. Most small business owners struggle with finding the right distribution partners to help them grow sales. At Maryan winery, we were facing these exact challenges.

  • Reach our goal of accelerated sales and increase distribution to 3 markets over 6 months
  • Connect with several distributors and importers that became long term partners
  • Improve the relationship, communication, and responsiveness with our importer
  • Implement new tools and techniques for providing more competent management
  • Increase website traffic and rank better at SERP
  • Receive 20 times more inquiries from potential buyers compared to before
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