Social media has become a vital tool for businesses to reach their target market, form a strong connection with customers and, of course, market services and products. This is especially true for business-to-business (B2B) companies which can greatly use social media to their advantage.

Gone are the days when only B2C businesses could reach their desired audience through Facebook or Twitter. Here are 6 social media tips which can boost you ahead of your competition:  

1. Create Useful Content

Don’t just create content – create valuable content! It’s important to create something that your target audience would want to read and which can help them in some way. Showcase that you are an expert in the field. Once you’ve posted your content, tag the specific company to get their attention and also get them to listen.

2. Provide Customers With What They Need

There are so many ways you can communicate with potential customers through social media. For a B2C, marketers typically aim to create viral content that is sharable. Though this is not the main strategy you should adopt, it is still important to humanize your brand and offer creative appeal to consumers. Be sure to provide them with what they need, such as e-books, articles and videos, in a humanized way which is relevant to your target audience.

3. Use Various Social Media Platforms

Each social media platform provides a different way you can reach your target audience and each one has its own benefits. Targe several social media platforms and understand what type of content it is currently utilizing. Is it video, graphics, photos or short texts? In the beginning, try presenting the same information, across different platforms, but in a different content type. This will help you gain a better idea regarding which content type you are more successful at. With this, you are able to focus on this specific platform and with this specific content type for the highest success. Nevertheless, don’t forget the rest of your channels!

4. Practice Active Listening

Social media monitoring has never been easier thanks to a variety of social monitoring tools available currently. When using tools such as Brandwatch or Mention you are able to pinpoint potential customers who are actively talking about you or your competitors. By finding them you are able to engage with them directly and start a conversation, which increases the likelihood of partnerships in the future. By practising active listening you are also able to potentially understand what your competitor is doing differently. Are they utilizing a B2B marketplace to boost their success? Are they adopting a more personalized approach to social media? Whatever it might be, you will be in the loop and gain vital information in order to stay relevant.

5. Reach Out With Surveys

The very core of social media allows everyone to have a platform through which they can share opinions.  It’s important to leverage this through the use of surveys with which you can reach out to existing and potential customers. It is an important tool which can help you understand what your customer really wants. They could want different product specifications or to buy what you are offering on a B2B marketplace platform, for instance. Moreover, this will provide you with a database of people who are evidently actively looking and interested in what you have to offer.

6. Make Real Connections

Social media at its core is a tool for conversation. Yes, it’s important to “broadcast” vital products or services you offer in one way or another but moreover, try to start a conversation and build long-lasting relationships with your potential customers. Start a one-on-one conversation by creating a Twitter list by using account names and keywords, for instance, and sending out a personal message.

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